I am an avid reader. Mostly that means I carry books around in my bag when I leave the house and enjoy the power going out (as long as I have a light source). But I also have some quirks when it comes to my reading habits.

1) Once I’ve started a book I need to finish it…even if it’s not very good.
This is almost always true. Once I’ve started a book and I’m into it a fair amount I cannot put it down and start something else. Usually that amount it’s more than a couple pages in. There’s been some books that I’ve had to power myself through with the reminder that once I finally finished I could read something else. I had this issue with The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (and to a lesser extent The Girl Who Played With Fire). There was also a Ted Dekker book that was the first in a series that I just could not care enough about anyone for anything that was happening to entertain me. I finished them all, and I’m sure there are others, because of the following point…

2) If I quit on a book it bothers me for days.
This relates to #1. I can’t stand giving up on a book, even if I’m not really enjoying it. I have very rarely completely given up on a book. There are only two I can think of. The Constant Garden: I tried to read it before the movie came out because R had the book and I just could not do, I kept getting stuck a few pages in and finding it painful. The second was Atonement (also was in movie form so I thought I’d give it a go). I didn’t like how it was written, though I couldn’t give specifics as to why. Got about 20 or 30 pages in and finally let it go.

3) I don’t like having two novels on the go.
If I am reading a book I like to read it start to finish with nothing else in between. The only exception to this, that is a new one, is I do have a short story book by my bed for short night time reading (less likely to keep me up all night!). I tend to get very invested in a story when enjoy a book and I don’t like having divided attention I guess. Then again, even when I’m not enjoying a book I don’t like to start a new one without finishing the other (almost makes it that much harder to finish the book I’m not enjoying).

4) I don’t like reading important parts of books unless I’m in a comfortable spot.
This one is a little weird I think. If I am at an important or intense or emotional part of a book I need to be somewhere comfortable where I won’t be interrupted. I have stopped reading on work breaks and bus rides just to make sure I can really enjoy it. Also so I don’t start crying in public.

5) “Borrow my book? Um…sorry, no.”
Yep, I’m that person. I love my books and unless I really trust someone I won’t lend them to anyone. I don’t often have anyone asking for my books anyways so that’s never really been an issue. And don’t even think about breaking the spine! Even if I get a used book with the spine already broken I will be careful not to bend it. (Of course I always look for the best quality of the novel I’m buying at the used bookstore…and will sometimes pass if they’re all really crappy)

6) I’ll wait for the soft cover.
I hate hardcovers. Really very much dislike them. I think it’s mostly because they’re so much heavier and harder to carry around. This is also a bit of an issue with trade-paperback books these days, but sometimes there’s no other choice (and the trade-paperbacks always have such pretty covers!)

I’m sure I have more, but those are the big ones. And three of those could probably be rolled into one, but then there would have been one huge paragraph and no one wants that.

Are you a reader? Do you have any reading related quirks?

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