I learned today that it is International Happiness Day, and while the snow fell outside on this first day of spring covering the mostly bare ground outside, I decided why not post some photos of things that make me happy. (I will preface these photos by saying that my family and friends also make me happy)

1. Calypso, my crazy, destructive, selectively-cuddly, whiny cat. Here is a picture of her from when she was a kitten.


2. The Ocean. I miss it so much.

Cloudy day in Tofino

3. Rain. Something I also miss, it doesn’t really rain much here.

Rain on the railing

4. Books. Reading them and just having them. Books are my shopping addiction.

Chapter Nine

5. Tea.

54/365 Chair Back

Lots of other things make me happy too, like camping and watching the Canucks win and playing video games, but I don’t have pictures of everything and I think this is enough. Hope everyone is having a happy day!

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