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Capital Ex



This year was the last Capital Ex in Edmonton. Okay that is not entirely true. The fair will be back just with a different name. Edmontonian’s did not like the name Capital Ex because it had always been Klondike Days when they were kids. I don’t remember when it changed but they have voted to rename it again to K-Days. I am indifferent on the subject, not being from here, so whatever the name we went to a fair yesterday.

It was fun even though we didn’t stay too long and most of the time there was standing in lines for the two fides we went on. After finding R a hotdog and having a nice cold Booster Juice we wandered around to see what there was. It was mostly food, rides and games. We rode a roller coaster (one that didn’t go upside down…I was being a chicken and it has been years since my last roller coaster ride) then we went on the log ride. Both were fun though incredibly short. After that was lemonade and mini doughnuts. Nothing much really but a nice couple of hours in the sun (that subsequently resulted in a sunburn). We will definitely check out K-Days next year. The only thing I didn’t do was go back and take pictures…it was too hot and Wipeout was on…lol

Do you like going to fairs?

The Great House Hunt: The Beginning


As some of you may have noticed, either from facebook or twitter updates (and I’ve probably mentioned it in a previous post somewhere) we’ve been looking for a house. Part of the reason we chose Edmonton as our city to move to was because it has affordable housing, meaning we can get something better then a run down, tiny piece of crap for what we can afford. So, though we’d been occasionally checking the MLS site before, a few months ago we decided to start seriously looking. Last month we met with a realtor (why does my spell check not like that word??) and the hunt got more serious.

So far we have viewed about a dozen houses. One of them is close to where we live now, which is a bit too close to the low rent housing. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue, but there’s a lot of problems in our neighbourhood and it’s really not a nice area. But it is close to the river, which is a huge plus. We’ve thought it over a few times and one of the cons is that though putting some money into the house would definitely raise the worth, we would still most likely only get our money back if we decided to sell in the future. That is based on other places in the same neighbourhood. That is the house we’ve been comparing everything else too.

On Monday we viewed a place in a nice neighbourhood (no where near the river though). It was a split level which I loved because there were larger windows in the basement. It was nicely laid out, except for an odd kitchen and it didn’t have very many windows. It also had a bowed beam in the basement that was making a dip in the floor above. We did really like the house and decided to put in an offer below the asking price. They didn’t take the offer, so we counter offered and again it was rejected. We decided to let it go, because it was going to need some work and their bottom line was above what we wanted to pay. Oddly enough they sent back another counter offer which we turned down.

So we are still looking. There’s been some place that were just in unfortunate areas. I am of the mind that I will give up some of my wants in a house to have one in a nice area. We would like a place that needs some work. We would like a place near the river, or a ravine (somewhere I could go for walks and he could ride his bike). Though I’m a bit disappointed in a few of the houses I wanted to look at already being taken and a couple others being located in areas I’d rather not live for the next five years I am confident that we will find something. Eventually.

To be continued…

A Walk in the Park


I thought about making this wordless, but thought a few words might be better. I finally went for a walk last week. We live near the river valley where there is a trail (that goes all the way downtown if one is so inclined) and some parks.

As usual I started out with a bit of a blah attitude. It’s about ten minutes walk to get to the valley and the breeze on my face wasn’t helping. Once I got there I followed a path down to the river and was happy to find a woodpecker hanging out in one of the trees. Getting that first nice shot always puts me in a better mood and motivates me to keep going.

Once across the river I decided to follow the trail and see where it lead (not realizing at the time it just kept going). Saw a lot of ducks on the river and some finches of some sort in the trees. Also met a man and his dog, Spirit, whose picture I took and then emailed to them (hopefully to the right place, I never did hear anything back from him).

In the end it was a pretty good walk, although I always go further than I should before realizing I need to get back home too. I think I was out for a good three and a half hours. One day I’m going to walk that path all the way to downtown (R walked it in a couple hours, but he’s in far better shape then I am), but that won’t be until winter clears up. I’m not good with slippery hill :s

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