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Car accidents are harmful and are unexpectedly occur while travelling, so should be always be aware of all the things and should carry all the necessary items in your car so that you can come out of the situation. And most importantly you should inform police about the accident and all the things so that you can easily claim for your insurance and compensate for you damage and medical bills from the opposite party. You should also inform your dear ones about the mishap so that you be in touch with them for a help and they can reach you easily without any problems.

Things to adopt after car break down;

In case your car break down you should adopt some of the things for your safety. Some of the major points are;

  • Get your car off the road; after the accident occurs you should not come out of the car if it occurred on the crowded highway so that you don’t get hurt from the other vehicle coming, you should slowly move your car on the side and park it and should turn on the indicators and lights so that people be aware of you and your car.
  • Call for help; when you met with an accident or you are in a emergency you should immediately call your dear ones and update them about your situation so that they can arrive there or send you the help.
  • Let other people come to know that you are in trouble; after you met with accident you should switch on your hazardous lights so that it will help you there at the place in the situation which will indicates the other persons that you are in trouble and needs help.

Some of the safety measure;

After the accident occurs you should adopt all the measures that occur in your mind. Some of the measures are;

  • Stay with the car; if met with an accident you should stay with the car for two reasons like; if you have called a person for help then he/she will arrive on the place you asked them to reach and secondly walking of the foot on the roads and highways are dangerous as any car can hit you.
  • Auto repair; if you are having the tools and equipment’s in your car and have a knowledge to using it then you can easily place your car on the road side and make it repair and make the car in a condition to take you the repair centers so that you don’t face any kind of technical issue or any problem and without any fear you will reach your destination place.
  • Use common sense; while accident or any problem you are seeing in the car you should not panic but you should use your common sense and take the safety measures so that no harm causes to you and your body and should take all the safety measures.


While car break down you should work with the mind and adopt all the safety measures to be safe.