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What kinds of materials are best for a roof?


When we compare two or more things to find which one is better and worth the money. Then long lasting is one of the main things that should be kept in mind. Not only the fastest but also the effective one wins the race. The One which can last long is considered as the better product. This phenomenon suits well in almost every kind of situation. One such condition arises during the professional Roofing in Winnipeg  or Re-roofing the building.

Changing or Updating the current existing Roof adds value to your house and also gives a good feel and a great look. It is very important to choose and go with the correct and most suitable roofing material. However, Many people get into trouble while choosing the best material to re-roof or to roof the building. They get confused between so many options available for roofing. So, if you too are among those people who are confused and not able to decide, which option to go for. Then this article is for you. In this content, we will be discussing the different type of roofing material on the basis of Rescale Value, aesthetics and of course durability and longevity.

Important Aspects to Keep In Mind

There are several aspects to keep in mind while choosing the roofing material for your building. These aspects are basic questions, and answers to these questions will decide that which is the best-suited material for your roof. Here are those aspects or questionnaire:

  • What is the weight of the material and does it require the Exceptional Framing?
  • Does the material come in different designs and colors?
  • Is the material suitable as per the Fire codes of the local area?
  • Are there any issues with the maintenance and installation?
  • Does the material allow the resistance to extreme weather conditions and situations that are common in your area?
  • What is the warranty period, Price or rate and Lifetime of the material?

So, we are going to discuss some best roofing materials to use for your house. Here are those:

Slate Roof

Many European Houses have roof materials that are so old, and the vinyl slate roof is among one of those. The estimated life of these roof materials is 40 to 60 years. This vinyl slate roof material is 8″ to 24″ in length and 4″ to 16″ in width.

Vinyl Slate material is long-lasting and hence other roofing materials look so weak. Furthermore, When we talk about the primitive roofing materials that are still in the market, then the slate is among the leading roofing material in that list.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Vinyl Slate Material


  • These slate materials are very attractive and unique
  • The Vinyl slate material is long lasting and has a good weather resistance
  • This material requires little preservations and maintenance
  • Although these are lightweight but stronger than others
  • This vinyl slate material can be recycled and also reused


  • It requires additional framing support and hence requires more or additional expenses
  • This material requires proper installation, otherwise can lead to moisture issues
  • The installation of Slate requires expert’s hands and therefore requires more attention while hiring the installer
  • Slate is durable but can break if walked on, therefore chimney and roof repairing becomes difficult

Tesla solar tiles

These solar tiles are among the most innovative roof material types available in the market right now. Tesla has attempted to introduce and change the roofing tradition with solar tiles. These solar tiles look very similar to the standard tiles available in the market. These tiles are made of the glass material. As per the Tesla, they are going to launch 4 different styles in coming 12-14 months.


Here are some Pros and Cons of using Tesla Solar Tiles


  • These are solar tiles and therefore can produce almost all the required electricity
  • Tesla is planning to offer discounts for the installation of Tesla Solar roofing
  • They come with the warranty for the lifetime
  • They also come with the guarantee to generate power for 30 years
  • These tiles have varieties


  • They are a bit expensive as compared to other roof materials
  • They require more installation time period

Asphalt shingles

This roofing material and pattern is so common in the USA. However, this number is gradually decreasing day by day due to the new technologies available on the market right now. The best part about this roofing material is that it is affordable and durable.


Here are some Pros and Cons of using Asphalt Shingles


  • This roofing material provides a complete fire protection
  • They are attractive and good looking
  • These are so affordable and durable roofing material
  • They are often alteast 30 to 40-year product
  • These have a huge variety in colors, style, and architecture
  • Anyone with the good skills and knowledge of equipment can install this material


  • The cheap or low-cost shingles lasts for less period of time
  • They cannot handle the rapid temperature changes
  • This material requires a proper installation otherwise, can trap heat and eventually can crack
  • They are among the least Environment-friendly choices to go with

Wood Shingle Roof

Since we know that the wood is the organic material and hence is environment-friendly. The wood allows the additional features of beauty to the roof. They come in different types and qualities. They are Thin and also flat in structure.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Wood Shingles


  • Wood adds the natural beauty and has different ranges
  • They contain oils and hence becomes moisture and insect resistant
  • They have been rated as Class A in Fire rating
  • This roofing material has a longer lifespan as compared to Asphalt Shingles
  • They Have a better insulation value as compared to Asphalt Shingles
  • These are made up of the salvaged trees


  • Wood roofing can be dangerous to the areas prone to wildfire
  • The untreated Wood shingles and shakes ask high and better maintenance
  • The Wood Repairs can be expensive

Metal Roofing

The standing seam metal roofing is another roofing option for your home. The metal roofing is one of the mainstreamed options to go for. Afterall what can be stronger and durable than the metal itself? However, if you are willing to go with the option of metal roofing than make sure, you choose the specialized company

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Metal roofing


  • New styles can mimic shingles, shakes, slate, and tile
  • The metal roofing can mimic tile, slate, and shingles
  • They come with the durability of 50 -80 years
  • They come with the warranty of 30-50 years
  • These reflect solar heat and hence keep your home cooler
  • They can be installed quilly and are affordable


  • The cost of the metal roofing is a bit higher as compared to asphalt, shingles and wood roofing
  • They can be noisy at the times of rains
  • The metal material could dent if hit by a heavy object
  • Replacing the material with the new one can be costlier


Top Showerhead Filter Choices

Top showerhead choices

People in their lifetime spend a significant amount of time in taking a shower, so it is natural that they want to relish their time there. And if you have a good shower filter for well water,  just a normal shower can turn out to be more enjoyable. And when it is about selecting showerheads, you have an endless range of options to choose from. There are avariety of showers with different finishes and spray patterns. Also, the showerhead you choose can affect your power bill. With many options, choosing a perfect shower filter for your bathroom can be overwhelming, this is the reason that we have made things little simpler for you and list down top showerheads available today in the market.

  • Meon Velocity Showerhead:

This kind of rain showerhead made quite an impression on the consumers as they are top on the demand list. They are characterized by their artistic design which streams water down straight from the top giving it a rain effect.

The Meon Velocity best Shower filters has primarily two settings- one a shower which is intended to soothe and relax the user and second a fill setting that gives a more intense showering experience for better cleansing. These settings are easy to use. All you have to do is slide the lever

  • Oxygenics Skincare Showerhead:

This is a bare bone, water-saving showerhead and affordable options that will help you save money by saving water consumption. The showerhead claims to consume less than 70% water as compared to the regular showerheads.

It comes with just one setting which makes it even easier to use. It features aeration which means that it combines air with water to create an excessive water pressure feeling.


  • Speakman Anystream Hotel Showerhead:

It is the perfect option for hotels across the globe. In fact, these are favorite choices to put on hotel bathroom as they offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience to their guests. They have also become one of the top choices for showerheads amongst the household as well.

It comes with 50 sprays. In the center, there are eight massage jets. The adjusting handle of the spray is placed on the side. It is big and has an easy gripping, even when your hands are wet and soapy. You can switch the mode of the spray from therapeutic massage, gentle rinse, to a complete exposure wash.

  • Delta Intuition Showerhead:

This is another such showerhead that is highly recommended by Consumer Report. It comes with multiple setting options that have both regular, wall placed showerheads, as well as adetachable hand shower. It is an option that is perfect for people who are looking for flexibility in their showering time.

Delta Intuition Showerhead has various settings that include a pause setting that reduced the trickle of water to preserve water while lathering or shaving. The another setting of this showerhead are full spray massage, fast massage, slow massage, and full body spray. You can use this dual showerhead individually as well as together to offer the maximum control on the flow of water.



How To Choose The Right Contractor?



When you are planning to have your house rebuilt, you can choose the right contractor to do it rather than to have done it on your own. Having the right Painting contractor would definitely get your project done at the right time.  You should hire the best and professional contractor as there are also qualities to look for. Hiring them is an important decision to make. Be careful and wise enough to choose. h


There are a lot of Furnace contractors to choose from, but you should be very careful in choosing them.  Everything depends on your contractor therefore choose the ones whom you can trust and a professional one. Here are more good qualities to choose from, having to work with the right contractor.


  1. Licensed – before hiring the contractor, be sure they are licensed. When one has a license then it only shows that they are knowledgeable with their work and they have taken a series of exams to know all the kinds of processes and the building codes there is to know.
  2. Specializes in your kind of project –do hire the contractor who have ideas and who are into the kind of project you have. Make sure they have the right ideas about your project.
  3. Hardworking – they should always respect them for getting into work because everything depends on them. The improvement of a house depends on the contractor. They should begin early and end on time.
  4. Insured – choose the kind of contractor who is insured. You will be safe from hiring them; if something happens to them, then their insurance will be the ones responsible.
  5. References – you can ask for some referrals from your neighbors and friends if they know somebody who can be relied upon. Referrals can be trusted since they already know already the background of these contractors. When you refer, someone that would mean they can be trusted and are professional.
  6. Price – ask for the best price and it should match according to their specialized field. You can pay them through an installment basis. If the project would take a long time then you can pay half on the first payment, and then the second half.
  7. Check their previous work – you can check on the kind of work they did previously. In order check on the quality of their work visiting their previous project can make you verify if they have a good quality of work or not.


Choosing the right contractor may take time. Be choosy and select the best one that suits your preferences. Make sure you follow the qualities of contractors stated above in order to work with the right one. Go for those professional contractors whom you can trust fully your project, especially if you are renovating your house. There should be a proper communication for both of you in order to build a good project. Canvass and choose the best one online or through the referrals.

Simple Spaces: Making Your Life Easier for Over 25 Years 

Custom Glass – Interior Glass




calgary custom closets

When looking for help to get organized, at Simple Spaces, we understand the desire to have your closets and garages in order. With our extensive experience, we strive to accommodate you and make your dreams of an organized space come true. Among our list of services, we manufacture and install custom closet solutions, garage organization and storage, and interior glass including mirrors and shower glass.

Closet organizers for convenience

At Simple Spaces, our team of experts will design custom closet solutions for your entire home. Our products are accessible to everyone and can be used in any space. Our high quality closet organizers will leave you amazed that everything in your closet actually has a home. Not overly extravagant, our designs are beautiful, simple, and most of all, practical. We provide solutions for walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and wall units and shelving. Our sleek designs will be customized to your specific needs. But we do not stop there. We will also manufacture and install your utility closets, pantry, and lockers. Having your child’s closet organized is also easy with our simple solutions. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of finishes and accessories to truly customize the experience.

Custom glass for elegance

There is elegance when Calgary is used throughout your home. In our twenty five years of experience, we have perfected the manufacturing and installing of stunning custom glass. We will create pieces that fit the needs and taste of each of our clients. We have a state of the art glass production facility where our team will create a piece of glass designed by our professional production team for you. Then our skilled installation team will neatly place it in your home, where you can enjoy it for years to come. Having a custom piece of glass in your home embeds your personality into a room. We also make custom mirrors that are always beautiful and give stylish finishing touch to any room. Visit our website to see all of our custom glass options to choose from.

Shower glass for that ‘sparkle’

Because we have the ability to make expert customized glass, we have further focused on shower glass. With Simple Spaces, you will be able to take your bath or shower to the next level of stunning by installing custom shower glass. One of the most popular choices is our frameless 10mm shower glass. It is always specifically created for your space so that it will fit perfectly.  Try a  hot towel warmer The frameless look will make your bathroom appear more streamlined and clean. We will work with you to make sure your vision comes to fruition. We will measure, design and install with the highest quality 10 mm glass. The glass is durable and will make your bathroom sparkle. Dont forget to buy a new shower head , its one of the best things you can do

best handheld shower head also offers the option of framed shower glass. It adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. Again, working with our design team, we will customize the perfect look for your bathroom to whatever your specifications are. We also have many options of finishes and hardware for both frameless and framed shower glass. Our staff takes pride in their handiwork, so we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Garage organization for perfect storage

Everyone dreams of garage organization, but is unsure of the steps to take to make it happen. At Simple Spaces, we know what it takes to create the perfect garage what has excellent storage and can be customized to your needs. We understand that everyone has different requirements and different tools to achieve garage organization, but we are experts here to help. We provide custom garage shelving and storage solutions that will keep your space organized. There is a great variety of finishes and accessories available to you. We also provide expert wall organizers so that everything in your garage will have a home. Discussing your needs with one of our representatives is easy, and you will feel like someone understands you.

We are leaders in our industry, and are often recommended by former and current clients. We take pride in all of our solutions, and it shows through our work. Every item we install is customized to client’s needs, so they are always satisfied.

At Simple Spaces, we make storage happen with elegance and simplicity!


Car broke down in Calgary what to do?

Calgary Towing Services

Calgary towing


City Towing Services

Car accidents are harmful and are unexpectedly occur while travelling, so should be always be aware of all the things and should carry all the necessary items in your car so that you can come out of the situation. And most importantly you should inform police about the accident and all the things so that you can easily claim for your insurance and compensate for you damage and medical bills from the opposite party. You should also inform your dear ones about the mishap so that you be in touch with them for a help and they can reach you easily without any problems.

Things to adopt after car break down;

In case your car break down you should adopt some of the things for your safety. Some of the major points are;

  • Get your car off the road; after the accident occurs you should not come out of the car if it occurred on the crowded highway so that you don’t get hurt from the other vehicle coming, you should slowly move your car on the side and park it and should turn on the indicators and lights so that people be aware of you and your car.
  • Call for help; when you met with an accident or you are in a emergency you should immediately call your dear ones and update them about your situation so that they can arrive there or send you the help.
  • Let other people come to know that you are in trouble; after you met with accident you should switch on your hazardous lights so that it will help you there at the place in the situation which will indicates the other persons that you are in trouble and needs help.

Some of the safety measure;

After the accident occurs you should adopt all the measures that occur in your mind. Some of the measures are;

  • Stay with the car; if met with an accident you should stay with the car for two reasons like; if you have called a person for help then he/she will arrive on the place you asked them to reach and secondly walking of the foot on the roads and highways are dangerous as any car can hit you.
  • Auto repair; if you are having the tools and equipment’s in your car and have a knowledge to using it then you can easily place your car on the road side and make it repair and make the car in a condition to take you the repair centers so that you don’t face any kind of technical issue or any problem and without any fear you will reach your destination place.
  • Use common sense; while accident or any problem you are seeing in the car you should not panic but you should use your common sense and take the safety measures so that no harm causes to you and your body and should take all the safety measures.


While car break down you should work with the mind and adopt all the safety measures to be safe.

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