What kinds of materials are best for a roof?


When we compare two or more things to find which one is better and worth the money. Then long lasting is one of the main things that should be kept in mind. Not only the fastest but also the effective one wins the race. The One which can last long is considered as the better product. This phenomenon suits well in almost every kind of situation. One such condition arises during the professional Roofing in Winnipeg  or Re-roofing the building. https://superiorroofingltd.ca/commercial-roofing-calgary/

Changing or Updating the current existing Roof adds value to your house and also gives a good feel and a great look. It is very important to choose and go with the correct and most suitable roofing material. However, Many people get into trouble while choosing the best material to re-roof or to roof the building. They get confused between so many options available for roofing. So, if you too are among those people who are confused and not able to decide, which option to go for. Then this article is for you. In this content, we will be discussing the different type of roofing material on the basis of Rescale Value, aesthetics and of course durability and longevity.

Important Aspects to Keep In Mind

There are several aspects to keep in mind while choosing the roofing material for your building. These aspects are basic questions, and answers to these questions will decide that which is the best-suited material for your roof. Here are those aspects or questionnaire:

  • What is the weight of the material and does it require the Exceptional Framing?
  • Does the material come in different designs and colors?
  • Is the material suitable as per the Fire codes of the local area?
  • Are there any issues with the maintenance and installation?
  • Does the material allow the resistance to extreme weather conditions and situations that are common in your area?
  • What is the warranty period, Price or rate and Lifetime of the material?

So, we are going to discuss some best roofing materials to use for your house. Here are those:

Slate Roof

Many European Houses have roof materials that are so old, and the vinyl slate roof is among one of those. The estimated life of these roof materials is 40 to 60 years. This vinyl slate roof material is 8″ to 24″ in length and 4″ to 16″ in width.

Vinyl Slate material is long-lasting and hence other roofing materials look so weak. Furthermore, When we talk about the primitive roofing materials that are still in the market, then the slate is among the leading roofing material in that list.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Vinyl Slate Material


  • These slate materials are very attractive and unique
  • The Vinyl slate material is long lasting and has a good weather resistance
  • This material requires little preservations and maintenance
  • Although these are lightweight but stronger than others
  • This vinyl slate material can be recycled and also reused


  • It requires additional framing support and hence requires more or additional expenses
  • This material requires proper installation, otherwise can lead to moisture issues
  • The installation of Slate requires expert’s hands and therefore requires more attention while hiring the installer
  • Slate is durable but can break if walked on, therefore chimney and roof repairing becomes difficult

Tesla solar tiles

These solar tiles are among the most innovative roof material types available in the market right now. Tesla has attempted to introduce and change the roofing tradition with solar tiles. These solar tiles look very similar to the standard tiles available in the market. These tiles are made of the glass material. As per the Tesla, they are going to launch 4 different styles in coming 12-14 months.


Here are some Pros and Cons of using Tesla Solar Tiles


  • These are solar tiles and therefore can produce almost all the required electricity
  • Tesla is planning to offer discounts for the installation of Tesla Solar roofing
  • They come with the warranty for the lifetime
  • They also come with the guarantee to generate power for 30 years
  • These tiles have varieties


  • They are a bit expensive as compared to other roof materials
  • They require more installation time period

Asphalt shingles

This roofing material and pattern is so common in the USA. However, this number is gradually decreasing day by day due to the new technologies available on the market right now. The best part about this roofing material is that it is affordable and durable.


Here are some Pros and Cons of using Asphalt Shingles


  • This roofing material provides a complete fire protection
  • They are attractive and good looking
  • These are so affordable and durable roofing material
  • They are often alteast 30 to 40-year product
  • These have a huge variety in colors, style, and architecture
  • Anyone with the good skills and knowledge of equipment can install this material


  • The cheap or low-cost shingles lasts for less period of time
  • They cannot handle the rapid temperature changes
  • This material requires a proper installation otherwise, can trap heat and eventually can crack
  • They are among the least Environment-friendly choices to go with

Wood Shingle Roof

Since we know that the wood is the organic material and hence is environment-friendly. The wood allows the additional features of beauty to the roof. They come in different types and qualities. They are Thin and also flat in structure.

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Wood Shingles


  • Wood adds the natural beauty and has different ranges
  • They contain oils and hence becomes moisture and insect resistant
  • They have been rated as Class A in Fire rating
  • This roofing material has a longer lifespan as compared to Asphalt Shingles
  • They Have a better insulation value as compared to Asphalt Shingles
  • These are made up of the salvaged trees


  • Wood roofing can be dangerous to the areas prone to wildfire
  • The untreated Wood shingles and shakes ask high and better maintenance
  • The Wood Repairs can be expensive

Metal Roofing

The standing seam metal roofing is another roofing option for your home. The metal roofing is one of the mainstreamed options to go for. Afterall what can be stronger and durable than the metal itself? However, if you are willing to go with the option of metal roofing than make sure, you choose the specialized company

Here are some Pros and Cons of using Metal roofing


  • New styles can mimic shingles, shakes, slate, and tile
  • The metal roofing can mimic tile, slate, and shingles
  • They come with the durability of 50 -80 years
  • They come with the warranty of 30-50 years
  • These reflect solar heat and hence keep your home cooler
  • They can be installed quilly and are affordable


  • The cost of the metal roofing is a bit higher as compared to asphalt, shingles and wood roofing
  • They can be noisy at the times of rains
  • The metal material could dent if hit by a heavy object
  • Replacing the material with the new one can be costlier