Top showerhead choices

People in their lifetime spend a significant amount of time in taking a shower, so it is natural that they want to relish their time there. And if you have a good shower filter for well water,  just a normal shower can turn out to be more enjoyable. And when it is about selecting showerheads, you have an endless range of options to choose from. There are avariety of showers with different finishes and spray patterns. Also, the showerhead you choose can affect your power bill. With many options, choosing a perfect shower filter for your bathroom can be overwhelming, this is the reason that we have made things little simpler for you and list down top showerheads available today in the market.

  • Meon Velocity Showerhead:

This kind of rain showerhead made quite an impression on the consumers as they are top on the demand list. They are characterized by their artistic design which streams water down straight from the top giving it a rain effect.

The Meon Velocity best Shower filters has primarily two settings- one a shower which is intended to soothe and relax the user and second a fill setting that gives a more intense showering experience for better cleansing. These settings are easy to use. All you have to do is slide the lever

  • Oxygenics Skincare Showerhead:

This is a bare bone, water-saving showerhead and affordable options that will help you save money by saving water consumption. The showerhead claims to consume less than 70% water as compared to the regular showerheads.

It comes with just one setting which makes it even easier to use. It features aeration which means that it combines air with water to create an excessive water pressure feeling.


  • Speakman Anystream Hotel Showerhead:

It is the perfect option for hotels across the globe. In fact, these are favorite choices to put on hotel bathroom as they offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience to their guests. They have also become one of the top choices for showerheads amongst the household as well.

It comes with 50 sprays. In the center, there are eight massage jets. The adjusting handle of the spray is placed on the side. It is big and has an easy gripping, even when your hands are wet and soapy. You can switch the mode of the spray from therapeutic massage, gentle rinse, to a complete exposure wash.

  • Delta Intuition Showerhead:

This is another such showerhead that is highly recommended by Consumer Report. It comes with multiple setting options that have both regular, wall placed showerheads, as well as adetachable hand shower. It is an option that is perfect for people who are looking for flexibility in their showering time.

Delta Intuition Showerhead has various settings that include a pause setting that reduced the trickle of water to preserve water while lathering or shaving. The another setting of this showerhead are full spray massage, fast massage, slow massage, and full body spray. You can use this dual showerhead individually as well as together to offer the maximum control on the flow of water.